Truffle Carrots

Truffle Carrots

  • Servings: 3-4
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Prep: 5 mins |  Cooking: 40- 50 mins | Oven: 190 °C / 375 °F

Earthy, musty and intoxicating. Carrots and Truffle sea salt gives roasted veges an entire new meaning!


  • 5-7 Carrots
  • Dean & Deluca “White Truffle Sea Salt”
  • Olive oil


  1.  Cut the carrots (skin on).
  2. In a shallow oven baking dish, drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle around 1-2 teaspoons of the black truffle sea salt.
  3. Place in the oven and toss after 10 minutes, to ensure it isn’t sticking to the bottom of the dish.
  4. Check at 40 minutes. You may need an extra 10 minutes. At this stage, you can add a little extra black truffle sea salt if you like a lot of flavor.